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Happy birthday my fellow Aquarian ♥

Happy 33 birthday Sakurai Sho! (*⌒▽⌒*)~♪

Sho-chan, congratulations and happy birthday!
I was LOL like crazy watching the clip and how fast Ohno retorted to your reply xD
I think, Ohno never fails to wish your mom, instead of you XDDD
I'm always inspired with your insights, thoughts and perspectives. Just like years before, "The cheating will continue on to 2015 because you're too adorable and awesome in too many ways" ♥♥♥

+ Shot from VS Arashi Golden opening 22.01.2015.
Credit ninomiyazu@twitter (

2014.12.24 - Aiba birthday.

I don't celebrate xmas but I celebrate aibaスディ instead.
To celebrate "Green", I drink 2 Japan Matcha which my forever favorite! :D

But anyway, this is what I get today during gift exchange!

(Although actually my other managers got me the stocking weeks before,
and I hope someone will fill it in with presents but until today, sadly it's empty xD)
I don't know who got me this but they said the true winner of the gift exchange is me.
The clock with alarm lady will notify all people to go back on time! xD
So we had a lunch party eating KFC (maybe following the Japanese thing, Xmas = KFC?)
And the best part is today's special treat, everyone get to leave early~ YAYYY for that! xD

On another note, if anyone wants a new year card exchange, leave a comment here with address or PM me :D

happy aibaスディ ♥

Happy 32 birthday Aiba Masaki! (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪

A-kun, congratulations and happy birthday!
What magical this year is! Your smiles and laughter never fail to bring happiness to people around and they are well conveyed transmit via TV. Seriously! Saying such as this, I believe I become to like Green too~ ♥♥♥♥

Also, who would have thought 'Disco Star' will be a the most phenomenon song and performance in this year concert? xDDD

+ Actual Aiba birthday pic. Credit @piyojun_5.twitter

happy ohnovember ♥

Happy 34th birthday Ohno Satoshi!

Congratulations and happy birthday! (ノ^^)ノ・゚

I will keep repeating these every year. Tell us, Ohno-kun!
"I really wish you could tell me the secret of looking young and adorable in 30s."
I should be like you when the time comes, looking adorable at 34. Fufufu~

I officially turn Blue this August, thanks to hemisofia for making me realised it and kyraensui for massive Ohno spams on Twitter! xD So many things I learn about this year about you. Also, when I checked my Arashi member birthday post, I just noticed, I never fail to wish you happy birthday since 2007, though Nino was my 1-ban at the time! Is it love that I failed to notice? *SURPRISED*

+ Pic used is one of my fave performance of Ohno. Credit @azul3104.tumblr

Congrats Jun!

Happy birthday Matsumoto Jun!

Congratulations and happy 31st birthday! :D
You are such a good looking guy. No doubt. Just like the pic above, the way you posed for pics shot are always amazing ♥ It just that I don't agree with your current hairstyle.
I hope you realise it doesn't suit you. Please change to another style, soon! xD

[ To celebrate Jun's birthday, Arashi Popcorn ARASHI LIVE TOUR Pamphlet - Q&As
scanlation is posted at s3anlation. ]

Lyric + Translation: "サヨナラの準備は、もうできていた" - Crude Play.

Because I love this song so much and I keep playing it on repeat, I decided to give a shot of translating it. I'm trying to convey the meaning the best I can but I know there must be a loof somewhere.

Please feel free to pointed out the mistake! m(_ _)m

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DIY Project: Loose Powder.

You know, actually I like DIY stuff. I'm pretty much inspired after I've read some tutorials and I think it looks like fun to try it out :) So I tried to create DIY loose powder. It's super easy to do and it can be done in just minutes!


Before I start, let me tell you that there is no exact measurement or appropriate amount for the ingredients. It's according to one's preference :)

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Eve-Aida's Banner Gallery

Below are various version of banners created by "awesome Arashi graphic-makers" as credited via special request. I'm very lucky to get these cool banners and I had been using each of them on periodically basis from 2007 until, version 8 and upwards, I start created the banner myself!

My latest LJ_header (uploaded on 2014.08.05): J's Birthday SP.

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I loved each of them and I hope you did too :D